The Romans 13 ordeal

Some Christians use Romans 13 as a reason to participate and gain from Satan’s world [man’s legal world, worldly nations] through membership. It is that membership, aroused by the law, which tempts us towards sinful passions [artifice/mammon/respecting flattering titles, that which is not of sound doctrine] that bears the fruits for death— this is not […]

The patriot denounces Christ and loves his enrollment in Satan’s world. Joseph and Mary were not registered.

Many people proudly claim to be patriots of their country, believing in it’s founding principles and supporting it’s welfare. They will be disheartened if they find out the real meaning behind being a patriot. According to the actual definition of ‘patriot’, part of being one is supporting the country’s current interest, but many so-called patriots […]

You should not claim to be human

Are you man or do you belong to man? The term “human” was originally just an adjective referring to the form, characteristics, or aspects which belongs to man [of, or belonging to man]. Most modern dictionaries will show the adjective definition above the noun, hinting importance and indicating it’s precedence. The use of the term […]

Charles Thomson, the man who talked the truth, refused to release an insider definitive history on the American Revolution to protect the agendas of the Jesuit Vatican Empire

The man best qualified to become our country’s greatest historian, certainly the man with the most complete access to primary sources in the Revolutionary cause, was Charles Thomson. An authentic classical scholar, a discreet Protestant steeped in Medici learning, Thomson was known as “Perpetual Secretary of the Continental Congress.” He inscribed minutes of every Congressional […]

Wickedness of govern-ment

Here is just one example of absolute evil and the inversion of Reality within the legal realm; man’s law, Satan’s world, hell. “In setting up a fiction, the law requires us to take an actual situation and imagine it to be different from what it really is, either by thinking of nonexistent elements as added […]

Your last name is a flattering title under the Beast System.

A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles – Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by the Philological Society (1888), Jonathan Swift – Th. on Var. Subj. (1706),“When a man is made a spiritual peer he loses his sir-name; when a temporal, his christian-name.“ We have become so acquainted with our surname that “we commonly think […]

According to Trump the Constitution is of “very old and obsolete rules that we had to live with”.

Earlier this year President Trump made some demeaning remarks about the Constitution when publicly announcing his declaration of another national emergency to ‘combat’ the coronavirus: As the World Health Organization confirmed today, many of the things that — what we said were 100 percent correct, including our designation, before them, of Europe.  Like our earlier, […]

Jesuits promoting LGBT

Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin Since 2011 the Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives has been LGBT advocate Jesuit priest Patrick Conroy. Republicans, who held the majority in 2011, and Democrats, who now hold the majority, voted him in. Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin has received awards from groups propagating the gay agenda. […]

US Presidential Elections are a Sham

sham: noun1. To deceive; trick; cheat; delude with false pretenses.7. Some device meant to give a thing a different outward appearance, as of neatness and finish, or to imitate something which it is not. – Century Dictionary Yes, it is a sham. The media—mainstream news, alternative, and entertainment—are contrived into telling the common people to, […]

The legalese conundrum. Origins and usage of the term “person”.

Part 1 In 1817 Thomas Jefferson lamented that in drafting statutes his fellow lawyers were accustomed to “making every other word a ‘said’ or ‘aforesaid,’ and saying everything over two or three times, so that nobody but we of the craft can untwist the diction, and find out what it means…” – Plain English for […]