Jesuits promoting LGBT

Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin

Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin

Since 2011 the Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives has been LGBT advocate Jesuit priest Patrick Conroy. Republicans, who held the majority in 2011, and Democrats, who now hold the majority, voted him in. Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest James Martin has received awards from groups propagating the gay agenda. Jesuit priests promote the normalization of the LGBT by referring to parts of the bible that deals with accepting all people. But to claim that God made a mistake in creating you, and ‘you’ know better is adversarial and contrary to the Scriptures. A Catholic priest in Denver expressed this notion after Regis University, a Jesuit-Catholic university, encouraged it’s faculty to attend a student-ran drag show commemorating “Transgender Day of Remembrance”. The Jesuits have a hand in promoting LGBT which will help lead into part of their NWO agenda; transhumanism.

From Reddit user SR-71A_Blackbird:
Jesuits believe humans are spirits trapped in evil material bodies. These spirits may be male or female without corresponding to the gender of the body they inhabit. This is the reasoning they provide for homosexuality and transgenderism. This reasoning is straight out of Gnosticism, of course.


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